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A CCTV Footage Will Reveal What Happened To Nelli Tembe Before The Fall

What is coming from a lot of people right now is that they do not think this was a suicide. Now, it is normal that there have been people who have come out to show their support and send messages of condolences.

This is a huge loss to the Tembe family and as humans, we become considerate at times, you would not want to make things harder than they already are for the family.

But, when is the time to start asking the uncomfortable questions? This young lady lost her life and there are those who have concluded that this was a suicide.

There is even an awareness regarding this, people are told to check on their families because they might be depressed and as much as all of this is necessary, is everything as it seems, though? Depression should never be downplayed, that goes without saying.

There has been a bit of an attention shift, if one can call it that, where was Kiernan "AKA" Forbes when this incident took place? That is something that some people want to know and that is because they spent a lot of time together that previous night.

No one can be certain that AKA or anyone else had anything to do with this and the thought alone is just disturbing.

This matter, as you might know, is being investigated and it was mentioned that there are supposed to be closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras all over the building.

The cameras are necessary to offer real-time surveillance of particular areas in the building, whatever that might have happened prior the incident, hopefully, it was caught on camera for viewing.

What would make this situation tricky is if we get told that there is no CCTV footage, it is understandable that we have to give the investigators the space they need to do what they need to and that is what people should do.

People cannot help, but ask questions, however, we should also understand the harm that might be caused by these endless speculations.

A CCTV footage will reveal what happened to 22-year-old Nelli Tembe before the fall, for now, we wait. What do you think about this?

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