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Forgotten Actors That Once Apperared On Generation's.

Do you remember how prestigious 17h00 was to the children back in the mid-2000s? They would rush to be indoors so they don't miss Dragon Ball Z. The streets and parks would be empty at 17h00 from Monday to Friday until 17h30. Everybody was watching Goku fighting Frieza.

The same thing happened with our parents and older siblings, at exactly 20h00 they were all glued to the TV watching Generations. At that time it was one of the greatest shows on TV and missing it would feel like the end of the world. Homework's would be abounded until it ended. It was such a muse to watch and it kept us entertained for years. Until Mfundi Vundla decided to fire the entire cast and had the show re-done.

Generations The Legacy is okay, but deep down it knows that it will never have what the original had. Sadly after the originals were fired they never quit got big gigs to stay relevant and they went on to be forgetten regardless of them keeping us entertained for years.

These are the characters from the original Generations that South Africa has forgotten about.


Grace was Paul Mashaba's daughter who she thought was her uncle, ever since she left the show we haven't seen her anywhere in our big or small screens.


Duma was the manager or Tsanalang and left the restaurant to Samuel as he went overseas and we've never heard from him.


Remember Samuel who was dating Sharon and his father was against it because he was next to the throne since his father was the King in Kwazulu Natal Emahlabathini.


Sharon is what the country calls the original before Faith Nketsi and company came along. What happened to her, were could she be?

Anne De Villeirs

Anne was that villain you just hated with passion because of the things she did to Busi, she hasn't found another big role like she did at generations. The last time we saw her she was Chef Marlene on Skeem Sam.


Priska came to the scene and won the heart of S'busiso Dlomo and we wanted to see how their Relations was going to look like.


Where did she go after generations, she came to the show as the daughter of Kenneth Mashaba and quickly vanished

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