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Nomcebo demonstrates that she is more than just a singer by venturing into the fragrance industry.

"When you smell good, you feel good," as the saying goes, and that is Nomcebo Zikode's life mantra. It's what inspired her to roll up her sleeves and get to work on Duchess, a new fragrance that will be available in local stores in the first week of December.

The Jerusalema vocalist told TshisaLIVE that she is eager to show people that she is more than just a singer.

"I've always been that person who enjoys doing things other than music, so I knew right away that I needed to do other things." Not that I'm bored, but I want to try new things, whether it's perfumes, clothing lines, or even a hair line one day. I also want to show young girls who come after me that it is possible."

Nomcebo explains that she has always been conscious of her scent and enjoys making a grand entrance with it.

The Baya Buza hitmaker has partnered with retail giant Jet to exclusively launch her fragrance line alongside her fashion line in 100 stores.

"To be honest, I've always been that person who loves things so much, and as someone who sings and performs, whether at night or in the afternoon, it's important to me that when I leave the stage, I don't leave with stinky armpits." You should also look and smell good. It's something I've always enjoyed. When I went perfume shopping, I always told them I wanted something that would make a grand entrance.

"I said we could do it and have everyone smelling nice for a reasonable price." You know, Jet doesn't have a lot of high-end prices. Why not enjoy the scent with my people? My supporters, we must all smell nice. They, too, can see and use what I enjoy."

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The ingredients were sourced from Switzerland, and Nomcebo and Jet worked together to select the scents and bottle for the fragrance.

Nomcebo wants to shake things up by not limiting herself to music, and she claims Jet gave her the door keys.

"If there is a fashion line, why not an opportunity for fragrance — why not?" And if there are other things I can try and improve myself while doing so, why not? Whether it's building a house (property), I believe this is our time as women to demonstrate that we can, that we do have power, and that we don't need a man to do things for us. We need to be self-sufficient now, and there is nothing we can't accomplish in this world. Jet is incredible. When I arrived, I felt as if I had arrived at home. I've returned home. As a result, it was simple for us to put our heads together and collaborate on the fragrance line."

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