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Cedric Fourie looking for a side chick to have a baby for him

Cedric Fourie is most known for his twisted portrayal of ruthless tycoon Lehasa Maphosa in Skeem Saam and his endearing role as Dr Mthembu in Durban Gen.

The latter has been a lifelong ambition for Fourie, who has always wanted to play a doctor.

Learn more about Fourie outside of the spotlight:

Who is Cedric Fourie?

He is a grandfather, a father, a son, and a brother. He is a businessman, a graduate of the University of Cape Town, an actor, and a network engineer — in short, he is a lover of all things nice. He is dedicated about assisting people from low-income families. He is also a firm believer in recognizing growth in the most unlikely of circumstances.

How would you best describe your fashion sense?

I dress in accordance with my mood. Experimenting is something I enjoy doing. If I'm feeling good and joyful, and because I'm a natural storyteller, it's sometimes possible to know how I'm feeling just by looking at me. My style is not inspired by anyone in particular; instead, it is influenced by what I observe all around me.

What is your love language?

Words of encouragement. I feel that we should communicate vocally rather than through behaviors, which can be misconstrued. I believe that as individuals, we must be adept at verbal communication; we must speak what we mean and mean what we say. With words, it's easier to explain your genuine intentions. I also enjoy being in the presence of others. Being present is a form of love in and of itself.

If you could pause any moment in your life, which would it be?

I'm not a fan of taking breaks. I believe in living and outliving a moment, as well as recreating it if you feel you haven't had enough of it.

But if I had to halt at any point, it would be when my name was announced as an official University of Cape Town graduate at the virtual graduation ceremony. I went on a baecation in Thailand, which was incredible, but I'll take a break.

What personal feature are you most insecure about?

The color of my skin My skin tone is unbalanced. It's something I despise. For example, my entire body is one color from head to knees, but my calves and hands are a shade darker. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't appeal to me. It's almost as if two persons are residing in the same body.

What’s the one song you are embarrassed with in your playlist?

It has to be DJ Mujava's Mugwanti, which is still in my playlist and which I need to remove. This song's bass used to drive us insane back in the day, but I can't play those kinds of tunes anymore.

What always makes you laugh?

There are a number of things that make me laugh. My sense of humour is really broad; I can find funny in nearly anything. Like, I may be in the most terrifying situations in life, but if I see anything hilarious, I'll bust out laughing and try to go back into terror mode. I also enjoy mocking people, particularly those with whom I work. Many people mistake me for this muscular man who is solemn, only to discover that I am all about humor.

If you weren’t afraid what would you do?

I'd start a junkyard. Then I'd create a gas firm, get a journalism degree, and study economics. Oh, and I have a passion for having children with people I don't know. My boyfriend and I make a lot of jokes about this, but if I wasn't terrified, I'd have a baby with someone else and marry my partner.

What secret talent do you have?

I am an amazing cook. I am a poet and writer.



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