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Mbuso's Girlfriend Denied His Claims, But Let The Cat Out of The Bag. See Secret Chats


Mbuso Mandela resorted to social media to "admit" to his followers that he mistreated his girlfriend. But his partner denied being mistreated by him and even sought to record her unbruised body.

Mbuso's bae came out hours after he claimed to have abused his girlfriend, whose name is unknown.

Several social media users screen captured Mbuso Mandela's removed video. “I am a woman abuser,” he admits in the video.

“I am Mbuso Mandela, a woman abuser. I strangled my girlfriend by putting her head through the window and trellis. She needs me to admit it, so I will. In public. “To all,” he stated.

That girlfriend refuted it, saying Mbuso only produced the video because they fought and she called him on his bluff about never hurting her.

The girlfriend showed off her unbruised physique in a black bikini, saying the only bruise she got was when she bumped into someone, leaving a blue mark.

“I made this video to prove he didn't abuse me. I don't know why...well, I do. In our enraged exchange, I called his bluff. As you can see, no bruising. It's fine.

“I'm not sure where he put my head through a trellidor, but it was swelled. No marks on the trellidor. You'll notice a faint blue mark there, but that was probably Thursday when I was at Saint.

“I ran into someone and received a blue mark, and I bruise easily,” she remarked.

We don't know what's going on between them, but we can only hope that if the girlfriend is being assaulted, she stands up to her accused abuser.

Check out The images and leaked chats.

Gender-based violence is a pandemic that has exploded in recent years, requiring quick response from the President. Many of our ZAlebs have spoken out about this senseless crime.

Kelly Khumalo, for example, allegedly faced abuse from her baby daddy Jub Jub. He also allegedly introduced her to narcotics.

“Toxic is an understatement. So I still don't want to see him. “Just hearing his name makes me shiver,” Kelly said

“He introduced me to drugs.” said. “That's not who I am. I kept hazardous company, as the saying goes. And I joined it. I became it. But as soon as I stepped outside, I felt myself again. “Who I am and who I aspire to be.”

“I don't think it's just Kelly. Individually, we feel like we have to die to give life to this partnership. As well as not being self-aware. And when you don't know what it means to be in a relationship. How to adore someone. I was 25 when I met him.

"I was upset and wanted to offer a lot of myself to earn the love I thought I deserved from him. Forgetting to show myself that type of love. And I needed to understand relationships. You need to work on this before wanting to be in a relationship with anyone. Define the type of love and relationship you want to be in.”

Admitting abuse is one thing, but changing for the better is another. Patrick Seleka, from Skeem Saam, admits to abusing his wife and child.

Video recap from Mbuso

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