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According To Jub-Jub These Places In South Africa Are A No Go Area If You Looking For Love

Jub jub is one of South Africa's amazing artists and used to give us but after hit during his days, before he had to deal with the tragedy of being arrested after killing school kids in an accident because he was under the influence of drugs and speeding.

Ever since the return of Jub Jub from jail, he has been working on bettering his life and has also asked for forgiveness from the families of the kids who died. Society has also welcomed Jub Jub, knowing how hard it is for former prisoners to be expected back into their communities and trusted again.

Ever since he returned, he has also made a comeback in the industry by being a presenter on the TV channel Moja Love, hosting a show called Uyajola99... that is almost similar to the American show Cheaters, where people get their partners exposed for cheating on them. The show has been doing quite well and many people enjoy watching it, even though some people feel like it is scripted and not real.

With Jub Jub's experience of exposing cheaters in every city in the country, he went to social media to warn people when not to date. He stated jokingly on Instagram that if people are looking for love, they should not look for it in the Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth, or eBhayi.

Out of all the places in the country, according to Jub Jub, there is no loyalty in the Eastern Cape, and people from there claim that nobody belongs to anybody.


 Is he telling the truth about Xhosa people and the Eastern Cape?

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