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Jub Jub has just responded to RAPE allegations | Here's what he said

Jub Jub has just responded to RAPE allegations | Here's what he said 

As many people know that the mostly popular and known presenter, singer Jub jub has been trending with the allegations of sexual assault that it is reportedly said that he did, Jub jub has been on headlines in the previous days people sharing different reactions on this matter.

Jub jub have just decided to put his pride a side a face the reality of his mistakes of he reportedly did to the actress Amanda Du Point now Jub jub has just issued the statement to Amanda Du Point. Here is what Jub jub said on his statement : 

“In the aftermath of the release of my interview with Mac G I have taken some time to re-watch the interview and reflect on my words, specifically my exchange with Mac G regarding MS Amanda Du Pont. It was inappropriate for me to discuss the intimate details of my relationship with MS Du Pont in public. I deeply regret the incident.”

“I wish to apologize unreservedly to Amanda for the humiliation and hurt I caused her. I also apologize to my fans and the public for the inappropriate language I used during the interview. With regard to the accusations levelled against me by Amanda and others I have decided to make room for the law to take its course and I request that the media and the public do the same. End,”

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