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Who stole the look between Enhle Mbali and Khaya Mkangisa with this beautiful Quitera design dress?

It is no longer news that celebrities do not wear the same clothes because most of the time we find them wearing the same clothes.

Many celebrities have worn the same outfits, whether they are the same color, style, or style, but they may change slightly so that their clothes do not look exactly the same.

 If I were to count the number of celebrities who have found themselves in matching clothes, I would have to use both my hands and feet to give you the appropriate find answer.

Khaya Mkangisa and Enhlembali Mlotshwa are some of the actors who have been added to the list of celebrities who were found wearing the same style of clothing.

Enhlembali Mlotshwa was the first to appear with this beautiful black dress made by Quitera kekana ,she wore it to a DSTV event earlier this year.

Mbali changed her style of Quitera design clothes three times that day and all the dress were looking good and sexy on her.

Lately Khaya Mkangisa appeared with the very same dress as what Mbali wore and it is exactly the same,It seems that Khaya Mkangisa's dress was also made by the same person who sewed Enhlembali Mlotshwa's dress which is Quitera kekana

Both of them have made sure that they look good in this outfit, we as their fans can end up concluding that someone has stolen the look of someone else.As we all know, celebrities don't wear someone else's clothing in public but often come up with their own unique styles.

If you look closely at Enhlembali and Khaya the dress looks good on both of their bodies but I want you as a fan to say your vote about who is the best between the two of them.

If you say Enhlembali looks good in this dress please share with us your reasons and also to those who say that Khaya is the one who wore it better ,please explain why you say so.

Content created and supplied by: Candylee (via Opera News )

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