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Another House Brought Down In Limpopo (see why)

If you have been a fan of internet for the past 5 - 7 days or so i assume that you are aware of the video that has been on everyone's tougues whereby a man decided to bring down a mansion after a break up with a side chick.

As shocking as it is to even think about how much was lost when the mansion was brought down it seems like south african man are inspired by that because they have been making trends of TLB and EXCAVATOR Truck making jokes on how they good for dealing with ladies

Just when we thought that the trends were just a facebook thing another picture of a construction truck destroying a house has been brought forward.

Take a look at this.

It is allerged that this limpopo man found out that 2 of his 4 daughters were that of his freind and decided to do this to his wife's house.

This is really stupid if you should think about it because destroying the house like this does not only leave the mother homeless but even too of his biological kids as well.

This thing of bringing down houses has been entertained for more than enough on social media it us now time to move on for a lot of people are taking bad decisions that they will regret sooner or later


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