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WASTED MONEY: See The Rapper Who Implanted Gold Chains Into His Head(PHOTOS)

A Mexican rapper called Dan Sur has become exceptionally famous as of late, not because of his music, but since of his super genuine change which included replacing his ordinary hair with metal gold chains that are installed into his head.

With the web turning into a home to counterfeit individuals, it' s challenging to get seen aside from on the off chance that you achieve something silly. Face tattoos, valuable stone studded Grillz, colorful hair, it' s been done already, so thought searchers genuinely need to get innovative. Dan Sur, an energetic from Mexico, seems to have considered one such creative, yet the astounding, way to deal with standing separated from the gathering overriding his typical locks with gold chains purportedly inserted into his skull.

" I have it as a catch that is installed to me and that catch has catches and they are totally trapped in my skull, under my skin, Dan Sur said in another video.

Dan Sur has been wearing the stand-out look since April when he as far as anyone knows went through the ridiculous technique. It' ll be captivating to see how it holds up, especially since the chains are purportedly made of gold and some in like manner incorporate significant stones, as specific people might be tempted to just yank them out of the rapper' s head.

Despite the fact that Dan Sur absolutely stood apart he was needing, as per a prosperity perspective his choice may not be the most pushed one. According to trained professionals, the system, if certified, conveys a high bet of illness, as well as dependable scarring or scalp aggravation.

" Inserts like this are erratic, " plastic expert Dr. Fair Agullo advised. " They present a basic way for minute organic entities between the remainder of the world and within body. For the present circumstance, the bone covers the brain. Additionally, I am stressed over how much weight these catches are supporting. The weight or any accidental draw on a band of gold could make the implant unstick and, surprisingly, break the skull.

Dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara similarly said that the philosophy could make very tough going bare because of follicle hurt and urged people not to copy Dan Sur, and just lattice a couple of gold strands into their hair accepting that is the kind of look they genuinely care about.


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