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Pregnancy period

Skeem Saam: Viewers are not happy with Pretty terminating her pregnancy

It all started when Pretty realised that she is pregnant, her life was turned upside down and worst part is that she didn't know who the father of her child is. Hiding the pregnancy was not that easy as she was forced to come out clean. As soon as the her family knew about her pregnancy things have been very difficult.

Pretty has tried to terminate her pregnancy several times but she wouldn't succeed. Even when she told Lehasa Maphosa that she's pregnant but Lehasa rejected the pregnancy she still decided to go ahead with the pregnancy.

She shared a very painful comment to her family about them not supporting her decision in terminating the pregnancy and her family decided to support her. Skeem Saam really changed the whole storyline and disappointed a lot of viewers when on Thursday episode they showed pretty getting an abortion but ended up not getting as she heard that Lehasa wanted to do right for the baby and she ran away and cancelled the abortion plan.

Very surprising this Friday's episode it showed that it was all a dream, MaNtuli was having a dream of Pretty cancelling the abortion, she woke up and found that Pretty has already done the abortion. Honestly that change of storyline was very disappointing, because Skeem Saam is an educational show so what exactly are they teaching young girls who find themselves in the same situation as Pretty?

"Honestly today is my last day of watching skeem saam.i sooo wanted pretty to have that child"

"I can’t believe they went ahead with this, after they gave us false hope yesterday! "

" I love how #SkeemSaam tells real stories by real people, everyone if not most of us can relate to Pretty story."


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