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Skeem Saam Actress Charity " Makgofe" Explains Witchcraft

The question of which craft is real is a difficult one to answer. Particularly for South African millennials.

Makgofe Moagi, a Skeem Saam actress, went on Instagram Live to discuss the situation with her followers. HRH Nqobile Ike Ntanzi and tabisocial rsa accompanied her. “What are the benefits of beguiling others?” One of the questions that came up was this. “Did you know that some of them don't have a choice at all?” Some of them are forced to participate. They receive threats and act on them. That is why they work so hard to ensure that they carry out the orders of those senior witches. They simply enter your body. You'll most likely be sleeping, but your spirit will be at work. It's out, it's gone, but you're still doing things you don't want to do to avoid losing a family member.” One of the panelists revealed.

Makgofe was able to put to rest some of her past encounters with witchcraft in the Limpopo region community where she grew up. “I remember my late uncle and my village — there was that vigilantism stuff where we were going after witches when I was growing up. My uncle used to pick me up and carry me around on his shoulders at night. We are leaving our homes at nine o'clock. If Master KG were here, I'm sure he'd confirm it.” She went on.“We went to a property that was practically on top of a mountain. So you take a short hike up a mountain. That lady owned both the main house and the rondavels. They were approximately three or four years old at the time, and when she spotted the youth approaching, she simply vanished into the mountain. They discovered she was in possession of turtles. She had cats, but the cat had obviously followed her. “However, we never found out where she went.”

Those who watched the live stream wanted to know how to get out of that position. “It's a difficult one. It's similar to the Ukthwasa process.” Tabi explains. “There are some foods that you are allowed to eat and certain beverages that you must consume. There is a sacrificial ceremony performed at the end of your initiation. As a result, that is something that cannot be reversed. So these are the beats I've got (he pointed to his wrists and ankles). Even if I had to remove them, I can't change the fact that I have a talent, and our ancestors have graduated through me, recognizing me as the person who has completed the Ukthwasa process. Even if I tell myself I'm going to retire and leave everything behind. They'll still show up in my fantasies. I'll continue to see visions - that won't change. As a result, the same thing will apply, especially if rites have been performed.”

Check out the rest of their conversation below.


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