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VIDEO: Mr Smeg is eating uncooked meat gets him attention

With Chris Excel's approval, Michael Bucwa, known as Mr. Smeg, is having a wonderful time at his home, eating a raw raw lamb. He is getting a lot of attention and, according to Chris Excel, he is an example to follow if you want to see yourself living a beautiful rich lifestyle without worries.

According to Chris Excel, he gives out free advice to become successful. Even though he is just having a wonderful lifestyle and there is nothing wrong with what he is all about. Is it just that Chriss like taking things out of context just to receive more comments, retweets and likes.


Michael is a good person without having a fight with someone, and he is always tweeting beautiful content. Sometimes he gives free money to his followers, and since he started the R200 note giveaway, something has not been available.

He is no longer seen with his kettle red in colour and driving his favourite vehicle, a BMW. He is always tweeting about saying someone is beautiful, most recently, and other content as well. He is now even asking about how much you want to pay for Lobola/Magadi.


The other lifestyle he used to have has now changed or he will go back to it as discovering the other options of having a good lifestyle. For those who knew him a long time back, they are very much aware that he is a changed person in terms of the lifestyle they are used to see.

He is not available with his Smeg red kettle, but he would surely come back with it, but with a different vibe and knowledge. If that is the matter, it is a good idea and he will be on something that is not old, but in the process he does not lose the main content.


His main lifestyle, famously known as the "red kettle," is no longer like that. He even went to the morning Expresso show with it. Now he is part of the Amstel with friends. At the moment, he is focusing attention on his raw lamb. He is also discovering some different experiences from home.

Your insights on his changed lifestyle?

Your thoughts?

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