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"Can I Hire A Man For Valentine?" Asks A Retty Lady

In about days, that's one the 14th of february, people all around the world will be celebrating Lovers Day or Valentine's Day as they call it.

This gorgeous lady decided to put herself out there by asking people, specifically men if they are already booked for Valentine. That is because she had an interesting in renting atleast always one for a Valentine outing.

"Can i rent a man" she asked. Alot of men answered this question and I must say it seems like alot of men aren't yet booked for the 14th of February. Most of them quickly tried to turn the situation into thier induvidual favour by answering "I'm available". I guess that is some good news for lady Cathy who only wanted to rent a man in 9 days time.

Valentine's day must really mean something a lot to lady Cathy for her to even be willing to pay for a Valentines day partner. Normally you would think ladies like her always have different types of men trying thier luck in them, well atleast now we know it's not always the case.

One man rejected the offer claiming that if he accepts, the lady will no longer want to let go of him. "Im hard to let go" he said.

Men that are quick were already dropping the amount of money they charge. One said R250 while the other one is on R1000.

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