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Mzansi is saddened by the way Makhumalo was being treated, involving her not giving birth.

Once again, MaKhumalo was reminded on "uThando Nes" thembu" that she does not have children, and this left viewers annoyed and upset. heartbreaking not having a child.

"No one is forcing her to stay in that relationship. We can be annoyed, angry, or whatever we want, but at the end of the day, it's her decision to stay or leave. There's nothing we can say, honestly. If she's not happy about it, she must just leave..because no matter what we say, it's all up to her at the end of the day..or she will continue getting hurt.

Honestly, I'd be in shame. I hope I can no longer stand toxicity. She is still young. She must just leave... she can find a person that'll love her and respect her the way she deserves. I think Mseleku is failing in handling this matter.


It's not Makhumalos's fault that she can't have kids, but Mseleku, as a leader in that family, should protect her as he's the one who brought her into that Sithembu thing. It is not about Makhumalo not having children. He married after his first wife and fourth wife. They are having children, so what is the intake here? If you don't have money, at least you have time to learn how to make money. Stay away from friends and family who think "Money is the root of all evil". If you can't make money and don't care about making money, then trust me, somehow, people who make money are going to have you carry their bags and insult you with cents.

If you can't make your own money, you are going to lose control of your life. You are going to be forced to live under people who have money and do whatever they instruct you to do. 

If you don't have control over your finances, you lose control over what you eat, where you sleep, and how you spend your own time. People who have money are going to decide your life.

Money is important because if you can make your own money, then you automatically have control over your life. No one can dictate how you should run your life. No government can decide your life. People who have money can do whatever they want. Money is important.

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Makhumalo Mzansi


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