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5 Celebs who are openly gay and the beautiful advice they have for us

"What does love mean if we would deny it to others?”― DaShanne Stokes

Love; in this day and age, should never be denied to anyone who deserves it. Although the world is becoming more and knowledgeable about the different types of love and the people who embrace it.

The celebrities below have shared their stories about what it’s like to be homosexual, their stories will surely inspire you!

Nomsa Buthelezi

The OPW actress has revealed how her parents surprised her with their reaction once they found out that she was dating a woman. "The funny thing I think my parents knew first. Even when I was younger, my peers would be going on dates and I would just sit it out.

But when my father finally found out I was dating a woman, he said 'We've been waiting for you to embrace who you are." She revealed.

"I knew that a lot of people looked up to me and as much as that made my decision hard, I knew that it would help some woman who is trapped in a lie. I could have just looked for a husband, so I could have a perfect family, but I opted to be me. I have so many DMs since then with women saying I have given them strength to not live a lie. A woman told me, 'I am married to a man I don't love and I can't stand it anymore'”

Nomsa teaches us to never live a lie, especially not to our parents as they know us and are probably ready to embrace us!


"Being a gay man in South Africa is still a thing. People will stigmatise you till kingdom comes."

Lasizwe might not have had the same luck as Nomsa, but his story teaches us that the quote “Be yourself and the world will adjust” is nothing but the truth!

"My late mother didn't talk to me for close to six months after I told her about my feelings towards boys. She lost her mind and always reiterated that she will not have a gay son in her house, but she eventually got used to it. At school I lost guy friends because they thought I wanted them," he said.

After living your truth, you might anger a few people and find yourself losing loved ones but if they really love you, they will learn to live with what truly makes you happy because nothing is as important as that!


Somizi has been openly gay for as long as we’ve known him. However the media personality has recently shared a story about an ex-partner who used to hide their relationship.

"He (Somizi's ex) decided to hide our relationship from them [his parents]. But because I was so into him, I said 'ag maybe after two years he will change'. But he never did. I became a secret for five and a half years, up until I asked him, 'so when are you going to introduce me. I've never been to your place; I've never met your parents? But my family knows you," Somizi revealed that he continued to be a secret until he realised that it was unfair for him.

"I'm a believer and an advocate of saying to people, don't be forced by people to come out. Come out when you are ready. You need to be ready and it applies in anything whether its HIV status or whatever," he said.

Firstly, no one should ever force you to “come out” until you are ready and secondly, you shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who is going to make you a secret because it simply means they are still dealing with their own issues.

Letoya Makhene

When Generations the Legacy’s actress Letoya Makhene met her life partner, she had just walked out of an abusive marriage and was ready to be truly happy.

“I met an amazing yet complicated woman along my journey of life. I was told by many this would ruin my career and it should never come out. I knew immediately that harbouring such a secret would do me more of an injustice than simply living in my truth. I defied everyone around me,” said Letoya.

Letoya inspires us to know that love should never be a secret. Her career has continued to go from strength to strength and the couple are definitely much more happier living their truth.

Moshe Ndiki

The media personality, who is currently married to Phelo Bala has revealed how frustrating it can be to deal with people who have double standards.

“Everyone was fine with me being a gay presenter, but now that I have a partner and I’m starting my own family I’m being objectified. Sometimes you cry, get triggered and become sad, but other times you don’t let it bother you.” revealed Moshe.

Moshe teaches us that of course people will always have something to say about the progress we make in our lives but we should not allow them to bother us because at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with achieving what anyone is achieving out there!

How did you learn to live with your truth regardless of what people said? Please drop a comment below.

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