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Amanda Du Pont's husband sent a strong message to Jub-Jub

After Amanda Du Pont's enthusiastic video where she uncovered Jub for mishandling her when they were together, individuals came in their numbers to offer help. Different hashtags, for example, #MuteJubJub have acquired foothold with individuals needing him back in jail. One individual who is additionally extremely incensed is Amanda's significant other Shawn Rodriques who sent a searing message to Jub.

Sharing his better half's enthusiastic video, Shawn told the Uyajola 9/9 host Jub that he is a pig and he wants to consume in heck, "F**k you, pig. I can hardly wait until you f***ng consume in hellfire," he said and labeled Jub.

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Shawn is extremely stricken with Amanda and he has even finished his online media with pictures of all adored up. They declared their commitment however never reported that they had sealed the deal. It was solely after Amanda wrote a sincere message about her grandma's passing where she uncovered she is hitched.

"I lost my gogo the previous evening in the event that you realize me well you'd realize she was my fav. Everything in my body is hurting thus agonizing Yet I'm cheerful you are resting and as of now not in torment.

"She vowed to delay until I was hitched before she passed. In the course of the most recent few years she would imply that she was getting drained. I'm hitched granny and I'm alright, trust you are as well. Maye ngitakukhumbula! Rest in Amazing Harmony," she composed.

Amanda broke a ton of hearts when she uncovered more on her relationship with Jub. She affirmed that she endured misuse and assault and it occurred for a long time.

"No, you didn't crush me, you assaulted me, you persuasively opened my legs, constrained me myself for a considerable length of time and caused me to trust that there was no chance to get out. . The most over the top agonizing piece of all of this was that I was a virgin and I told him at that point. I told Jub at the time that I was a virgin and I intended to be a virgin until the time I got hitched," said a mournful Amanda.

Amanda said Jub lied regarding what lead to their separation.

"So it isn't accurate. I didn't leave since I saw an image. I left since he attempted to kill me and I have consistently been reluctant to leave in view of the treats that were made yet at that point where he attempted to kill me I knew the very thing I feared, which was kicking the bucket… I knew was intended to happen that day and I really moved away," she proceeded.

She attempted to report the maltreatment at the station however once more, equity framework bombed her and a ton of ladies too.

"At the point when I moved away I went to the police headquarters to attempt to open an instance of misuse and assault and endeavored murder. The cop said to me to return home and contemplate my choice since he is so weary of ladies coming to him with their beaus and spouses just taking them back," she added.

Amanda fell pregnant yet she had an early termination since she wouldn't acknowledge a kid that was constrained on her, "I had a fetus removal obviously in light of the fact that it was absolutely impossible that I would have a youngster that was strongly given to me," she added.

She additionally made another stunning case saying the assault episodes some of the time happened when individuals were near so she wouldn't shout. " He would sit tight for there to be individuals to assault since it got exhausting just to assault me plain and at home. I recollect the one time I had my kin visiting from school and he would do it while they're around in a similar room so I wouldn't shout. I need individuals to know the sort of individual that I managed," she said.


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