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VIDEO: Sol Phenduka struggles to seat like MacG on the podcast and chill

MacG and Solphenduka are very comfortable in their show, including how they will sit while performing. People were left very amused with Sol and MacG. MacG began to sit in a more comfortable position, and Solphenduka wanted to relax and listen to Panuel express himself too. He is encouraging everyone to share their opinions because is not yet a crime to fear.

MacG stopped Panuel speaking and went for Sol because he was struggling to do the way he wanted. He wanted to seat in a way that is called, "seating on a four." Solphenduka is bigger than MacG and they will not sit the same on a chair or even a couch. It is something that is not ideal but even Sol has his own way of settling down to relax.

Panuel called MacG's treatment of Solphenduka "body shaming." It is because Solphenduka cannot bend like MacG on the chair. MacG is just someone who is comfortable with himself and he even went to the UK wearing flops. A man who does not do the norm but how he feels is great for him. Even with Solphenduka, he is not living in a closet. He is more welcomed on the podcast to express himself in his way possible.

But then Panuel would stop MacG and Solphenduka from mocking one another because it is happening all the time. Everyone on the podcast, including the crew and chillers, was unsurprising to them. They are challenging the mainstream or traditional media with a single podcast that was almost cancelled.

The moment you are part of the podcast, you are not safe from being mocked. They will put you on the spot. At the moment, MacG have been roasting Aya, who is their sound technician, because he has taken the vaccine. They are also mocking the person who owns the studio where they are shooting their episodes. It is just about having fun at all times.

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