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New Thor 4 Photo Shows Natalie Portman & Tessa Thompson's Heroes Together

The greatest part of Thor: Love and Thunder for some fans is the manner by which Natalie Portman won't just return to the fold but in addition be changing into a God of Thunder herself. It could have taken some time, however, when the primary trailer for the project was at last delivered, fans got to see the entertainer with her new the norm — and they cherished it.

Up until that moment, everybody had just seen stock pictures and artwork portraying the character. Tragically, the hero just wound up having a single shot in the teaser trailer. From that point forward, audiences have been anxious to get however many looks at her appearance as could reasonably be expected.

A short time prior, Marvel delivered a picture with Portman's character close to Chris Hemsworth's Thor. Presently, one more picture has been released, with this one exhibiting Jane Foster, but Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie too. While it may not be new footage, basically it's something worth talking about.

Natalie Portman Joins Valkyrie

Marvel let another picture out of Thor: Love and Thunder that highlights Tess Thompson's Valkyrie and Natalie Portman's Jane Foster as they sit in a few extravagant seats. It's not clear where they are, or for what reason they're there.

Valkyrie is wearing a brand new look with a bold black and white color scheme— which, unexpectedly, is a similar scheme of Gorr the God Butcher too.


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