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Koketso Exposed Herself For Being In A Relationship With Abel For Money In #Minanawehouse After This

Source: Hashtag #MinaNaweHouse twitter page

Once again, Koketso has become a laughingstock. Her wig and make-up, for starters, did not match her appearance. She has attempted to work through her issues with Abel, but he does not appear to be a willing change agent.

Money appears to be the only way to get him to leave, but she is blind to this. Mzansi contemplated her intentions with Abel after today's program. She previously stated that she is not a gold digger, and now she claims to be in a relationship with Abel for financial reasons.

"Are you working for money with Abel?" Nomsa inquires.

Koketso: Hello, Koketso "Have they seen or sensed money? I'm a cog in the wheel of fortune. Even if they claim I'm here for the money, I'll wear Gucci if I want." She expressed her thoughts.

By stating she'd sacrifice herself for that boy named Abel, Koketso put herself in jeopardy. He now has power over her since he knows she will put up with his foolishness no matter what. Koketso is claiming to be a part of the money-making processes?? Then Abel spends the entire 24 hours outside. This song is dedicated to koketse.

She looked and sounded discouraged as a result of her endeavor to seem profound. Oh well, best of luck with her "I'm willing to sacrifice myself" talk.

You'll cry yourself to sleep till you're in your 50s, Koketso. Abel is not about to change.

"I'm willing to die so that he [Abel] can see who he should be in life," Koketso says.

"When are you going to live on your own?" Nomsa asks.

"I live for myself," Koketso says.

All of these #MinaNaweHouse couples are in desperate need of marital counseling. For some, forgiveness, maturity, honesty, and respect for the other spouse, whether present or absent, remain a pipe dream. I wish them long-lasting and prosperous relationships. Sakhile needs to grow a backbone right now.

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