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10 Celeb Men Beyoncé Is Close To (5 She Stays Away From)

Kanye West - Close

Given Jay-friendship Z's with Kanye West, it's safe to assume he and Beyonce are tight. Kanye West is so fond of Beyonce, according to People, that he reportedly referred to her as his "baby sister" during a performance. In an interview, he went on to say that she might be better than Tina Turner.

Colin Kaepernick - Close

Colin has nothing but admiration for the well-known celebrity. Beyonce did the same thing, according to W Magazine, when she mentioned Colin during Muhamad Ali's legacy award speech, calling him a "selfless" man. Colin also confessed to having a thing for her.

Justin Bieber - close

For a long time, the now-adult child star has had a thing on Beyonce. According to the NZ Herald, Justin Beiber admitted to being attracted to the lass in an interview with Q Magazine. He did say, though, that because Jay-Z is also

his symbol, he will not make any approaches.

Nelly - Close

These two aren't just friends; they've also collaborated on tunes. According to MTV, Beyonce and Nelly were together for the TLR tour in 2001, when she was still a member of Destiny's Child. Nelly was also making advances on the lass at the time, before Jay-Z snatched her up.

Kendrick Lamar-close

These two legends are technically standing next to each other. Many hip hop aficionados consider Kendrick Lamar to be a true legend. Given Bey's Coachella performance and Kendrick's Pulitzer Prize triumph, he and Bey have released multiple top-grossing tunes together and broken musical boundaries, according to the New York Times.

Hugh Jackman-close

Wolverine, on the other hand, has a sweet spot for Beyonce. Hugh Jackman, according to Elle, is a tremendous fan of Beyonce, having worked with her at the Oscars, when he was blown away by her humility. He claims that it doesn't matter if he doesn't do that business again because he had the opportunity to work with a legend.

Barack Obama - close

Obama and Beyonce are best friends. According to the Huffington Post, Obama went on to call her a role model to his children during a fundraiser after she was invited to the White House while Obama was in power.

Drake - close

Jay and Drake are as close as the artist is to Beyoncé. Drake, according to Elle, is not just close to but also a tremendous lover of Beyonce. He expressed his admiration for the singer's abilities.

Kevin Hart-close

Kevin Hart and The Carters are one of Hollywood's most close-knit families. Kevin Hart was "star struck" when he saw Beyonce during her concert in 2013, according to Instagram. They've also been seen together at a number of NBA games, as well as during P-50th Diddy's birthday party.


Usher and Beyonce are two other performers that have previously worked together closely. With classics like "Love in this club," the two topped the charts. Usher even appeared as a dancer in Beyonce's Naughty Girl video, according to E Online.

Carlos Santana - Distant

When asked about Beyonce, this great musician didn't have nice things to say about her. The icon reportedly responded that she isn't a vocalist, according to Vibe. He later clarified his views on Facebook, claiming that they were taken out of context.

Kid Rock distant

Kid Rock is another man who hasn't been good to Beyonce. During an interview with Rolling Stone, the iconic guitarist said that Beyoncé is overrated, according to Ultimate Guitar. He was even taken aback by the amount of attention she receives.

Rudy Giuliani - Distant

The man who sat in the mayor's chair in New York didn't think much of the singer, either. Rudy criticized Beyonce's 2016 Super Bowl halftime show, calling it "very obnoxious, ludicrous, and politically charged," according to Time.

50 cent - distant

Beyoncé and 50 Cent, believe it or not, don't get along. Despite the fact that 50 Cent has never openly stated that he despises her or Jay-Z, his views on the two have been mixed over the years. According to the Daily Mail, 50 cent claims Beyonce confronted him after an apparent "conflict" with Jay-Z by jumping over a ledge.

Lil Wayne - distant

Lil Wayne, too, isn't a fan of Beyoncé. Given Weezy's status as a music business legend, this may come as a shock. According to City Pages, Lil Wayne went so far as to criticize Jay-Z in his song "It's Good," implying that he'd abduct Beyonce and demand Jay-Z pay him before returning her.


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