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Oh Gosh. This Is Why Some People Are Scared Of Clowns

To be honest clowns are not part of my culture. My first experience of Clowns wasx at school when they hired a clown for entertainment. He was so fun and funny. There was nothing scary about him.

Then I watched the movie IT by Stephen King, and I said damn those things.

What is the fear of Clowns call?

Coulrophobia is not something to be laughed at. This irrational fear of clowns can cause nausea and panic. Part of the answer can be found in the prevalence of evil clowns in popular culture—think Pennywise from Stephen King's It (1986).

What is the source of clown phobia?

A clinical phobia of clowns is uncommon, but it does exist. Most people's fear of clowns is most likely a result of a combination of human psychology, mixed signals, and pop culture. You or someone you know may have a phobia if you or someone you know experiences extreme fear and panic over something that is ultimately harmless.

Here come the clowns.

Clowns. They're dreadful.

It's truly terrifying.

Come on, I mean, come on.

Take a look at them.



Consider this when you turn around:

Or maybe you were just minding your P's and Q's and came across THIS:




And they're always right behind you.

Alternatively, right outside your window:

Or in places you'd least expect to find them:

We're just waiting for you.


They're going to catch you.

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Love and prosperity to you.

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