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Rich Mnisi gets dragged for a Xibelani that's worth a whole 60k!

It was a field day in the Twitter streets yesterday as the Twitter users saw something that left them jaw dropping. A snap of a Xibelani skirt (Tsonga traditional skirt)from Rich Mnisi's website was posted and Twitter users couldn't not believe what they saw. The cost of the Xibelani was there in black and white written "R59,999" yep that's it no typo there, a whole R60 k! .

Rich Mnisi is a designer who is not shy to put a price oh his designs and there was no exception for his newly released collection's that included the much talked about Xibelani.

Twitter users took to Twitter streets to share their opinions on the Xibelani price tag. Others users were in support or Rich saying I quote "If LV and Gucci did it, then Mnisi can also do it" but some feels that it's a bit too much or maybe their not the target market.

One thing for sure is that Rich Mnisi knows his worth, he is the real Rich and we are here for it.Hopefully one day we will afford his much talked about designs.

Below is a snap of a much talked about Xibelani.

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