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The Death Of De Klerk Was Prophesied Long Ago, See What The Famous Prophet Had Said


Throughout the past few months, there has been a man on Twitter going by the handle Rhabelihle who has been issuing terrifying prophecies, some of which have come true. Some refer to him as the famous prophet, while others refer to him as the tweeter prophet, referring to the fact that he communicates his forecasts via Twitter. Until he predicted the deaths of well-known actress Shona Ferguson, as well as the death of piano music legend Killer Kau, no one had heard of him until that point in time. He began to earn a large number of followers on social media after these prophecies came true, and people began to take his predictions seriously as a result of this. 

Following all of this, he issued a prophecy a few weeks ago, stating that a powerful politician would die, and that the death would come as a shock to a large number of people. Because Zuma was sick at the time, everyone assumed he was referring to him when he said this. The fulfillment of the prophesy has now been revealed. He was referring to De Klerk, the former president of South Africa. See the following tweet for further information: 

Many people were impressed by this tweet after it was circulated on social media. Because he made this prophecy so long ago, some people had already forgotten about it. Take a look at how people reacted when he shared this: 





It is past time for us to begin listening to and obeying the great prophet, for the majority of the prophesies he makes come to pass every single time. If we had listened to him, Shona Ferguson would still be alive, Mpura would still be alive, and Kau the murderer would still be alive, as would everyone else. Instead of only delivering forecasts, the prophet must also provide remedies for what needs to be done in order to stop a catastrophe from occurring. Which way do you lean on this issue? Please leave a comment below. 

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