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Today we unlock a new season on skeemSaam, check out what is going to happen this week.

It a happy Monday since we all waiting to see what is going to happen to Lehasa because on Friday we were left hanging. Khwezi switched off the machine to frame pretty. Is pretty going to be arrested for attempted murder again. Well worry not , I am here to update you on what is going to happen this week.

Season 11 premier

Monday episode 1

The news about Lehasa is going to shock pretty's mother once again. They say good friends always find a way , well Meikie will unexpectedly lend a hand to mantuli.

Tuesday episode 2

Bad news is that Khwezi gets furious again after realising that her genius plan did not work and the good news is we are going to welcome Leshole back , the young soldier.

Wednesday episode 3

Khwezi plans another plan and finally Leshole will have a date .

Thursday episode 4

Khwezikazi will learn something that will tear her apart and mantuli throws everything belonging to pretty.

Friday episode 5

Lehasa finally wakes up and request to see the woman he loves and Leshole and his date karabo have a misunderstanding but they continue to date anyway.

That's all for the week ,I hope you will enjoy your week. Please like , comment and share so that others can be aware of what they have to expect this week.

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Khwezi Lehasa Meikie


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