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Thembisa Mdoda-Nxumalo premieres her new bold look on Twitter

"The Queen" actress Thembisa Mdoda-Nxumalo has left everyone stunned with a bold new look. She decided to get the big chop and with her face card never declining, everyone was in agreement that she looks stunning.

The 38 year old presenter, actress and mother went through the most in the previous year. She suffered with long covid that had her MIA as she struggled to recover. But recover she did. In an interview with Sunday Times, after her recovery, she was quoted saying, "I don’t know who this new Thembisa is but I am enjoying navigating her. At 38 it feels like I have been born again. It feels good to get to know myself again and to be confident in the decisions I make."

Social Media Response

Perhaps this new lease in life has made her open to changing something major like her hairstyle. She posted the stunning looks, writing "Girl, I did it!" Whatever her motivation, I can say wholeheartedly it was the best choice and Twitter agreed.

Khabonina Qubheka wrote, "ETERNAL BEAUTY THIS HERE QUEEN!!!!!"

User @Khakhu_M_ wrote, "everything suits you."

Personal Thoughts

I feel like whenever a woman chops off her hair it's a sign of bigger and greater things to come. It represents a change and I think it's important to embrace this. I used to be so afraid of chopping off my hair but once I did a few years ago it was such a freeing experience. As black women we aren't taught enough to embrace yourselves without the embellishment of our hair, she is proving the contrary. This isn't saying that having hair, wigs, weaves or braids is wrong, just a choice to embrace the scary idea of being bare.

I love this for Thembisa. She is one of my favourite people and this new look just suits her bone structure so well. We can see those gorgeous cheekbones and I'm a huge fan!

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