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" Pay your rent on time, just evicted a tenant who was supposed to pay on the 25th"

Most people move away from home to go to school and work. This requires one to rent out place where they will stay during that time. Rent is expensive of course especially if one is a student and doesn't even have funding or that still trying to make money. Adulting is tough to be honest. Just yesterday a landlord shameless posted belongings of their tenant that he just evicted because they failed to pay their rent on time which was on the 25th of every. It was the 3rd yesterday it has been 6 days post rental day and the landlord decided in eviction. This a common thing that happens if you fail to pay rent and it's written on rental agreements which both the tenant and landlord sign and agree on. Msanzi reacted from the Twitter post and were not impressed with what the landlord did especially proudly posting another person's struggle. Just check out people's comments. It was so shameless of the landlord to be proud of that. He later reposted saying all is sorted out with his tenant. That's better as the streets are not a safe place to be. If you were in the same position as the landlord would you do the same? Comment down below.


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