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Limpopo man house's butterfly roofing left people speechless see comments

Limpopo man took to his social media account Facebook to share his achievement of being able to build a house, he went on to say people must rate his house people did not waste time went on quickly jump in to the comment section. People were not only impressed by the house but the butterfly roofing was the reason why people fall in love with the house, all people could talk about was the roofing not the house although the house not yet completed but it looks absolutely amazing and beautiful. You can tell by just looking at the picture was captioned that the house will be even more beautiful after the completion. It’s seems like the type of new roofing, everyone seems to love it, the were even people were asking him questions regarding the roofing, how much those questions. The house is basic in Limpopo. We are not surprise cause limpopo is famously known of their people building big house.

Source from Facebook

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