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SARS served Major League DJs with a R9 million bill, apparently they’re in deep debt.

The Significant Association DJs Bandile and Banele Mbere have been celebrating the good life in the UK, piling up their bills and not in Rands, in Pounds at that. They have been topping off every spot under the sun in the UK and it appears things are going very well for them.

Indeed, even with this load of significant moves occurring for them, these two are supposed to be owing the South African Save Bank (SARS) an outshining 9 Million Rands and this is on the grounds that they are not filling their duties, talk about an unexpected development. 

The twins are presently in Los Angeles, taking Amapiano right to the world, in a real sense. 

As per an article by Sunday World, SARS has gotten default decisions against the DJs at a Joburg High Court..."The well known House music pair comprising of twin siblings Bandile and Banele Mbere...has been hit with just shy of 9 million expense bill". 

In records that Sunday World has seen, the DJs owed SARS over R1.3 million in neglected organization annual expense. "The sum soar to R3.1 million after R900 000 interest was added to the obligation" 

The twins are likewise said to have owed SARS over R2.2 million in esteem added charge and 1.3 million extra assessment. The quantum expanded to over 4.8 million when over 1.1 million interests and R56 000 were added. "Significant association additionally owed SARS a sum of R279 000 in neglected compensation as you procure charge however the aggregate went up to a sum of over R740 000 they likewise owed SARS a complete R373 000 in neglected joblessness protection store and a sum of 680 000 in abilities advancement demand.


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