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Slick Talk was right about Kamo Mphela's weight, she can't even dance properly, Twitter polices Kamo

Slick Talk was right about Kamo Mphela's weight, she can't even dance properly, Twitter polices Kamo

While you're here, please follow me.

Kamo Mphela's brand was built on her dancing abilities so her body is the number one asset to keep her relevant. The same way people keep tabs of weight gain and loss on their friends and family is the way they police celebrities. For some celebrities, the comments come and die down because their weight doesn't take anything away from them but for Kamo Mphela, a dancer whose career has been built on her jumping up and down and being very energetic, her weight gain is met with a lot of policing because it's assumed to interfere with her dancing.

As much as Kamo has noticeably put on some weight, I feel that making all the snarky comments about her body is going to make her feel insecure, even if she has no problem with her body. In short, what fans are doing to her is body policing and shaming. When Slick Talk had all the nasty comments to make about her, people came together to condemn him and even commended Cassper for beating him up for his loudmouth.

The very same people who were saying Slick Talk is wrong for shaming her, have now admitted that his observation was right. One of the disgusting comments on the post reads, "The weight is not doing it for you girl. I think you should put on a bra too... From now on, choose your wardrobe wisely" and another user said, "Lol, Slick Talk was rude when he said it but he was right." Julius Thamana commented on the video saying "Slick Talk has a bit of truth in what he said"

Being a public figure is difficult. Everyone always has something to say about your life, without considering how their cyber trolling will sit with you.

What are your thoughts? Is it our place as fans to comment on celebrities weight gains knowing they are probably aware of it?

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January 17, 2022

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