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#IsencaneLengane: Siyacela Confesses He Ran Out Of Love For Thando After She Called Him This

Sunday's episode of Isencane Lengane was yet another episode that left many of the viewers who tuned in to see another day and life in the young couple's marriage. Many of the people who watch the show always express how frustrated they are before it even starts because they always expect the worst, especially from the husband, Siyacela, and every time they hope that Thando will finally decide to leave, they get disappointed by her choosing to stick with her husband no matter what.

Many people who saw the young couple get married on the first episode decided that it was the biggest mistake they could ever make. In the end, their marriage would not go as smoothly as they anticipated, and it is now the fourth season of the show and they have been proven right. The viewers are also concerned about the life that Thando has chosen for herself, and that one day she will be regretful of the decisions that she is making, and both Thando and Siyacela's thinking proves that they are still very immature to have decided to get married.

Sunday's episode was no different, and in the episode it was the day that Thando decided to have a baby shower to celebrate her pregnancy with her partner. Even at such a celebration, there was still drama between the couple and their family. Some people were also upset by how Siyacela disrespected Thando's family and thought that Thando would stand up for them, but instead she chose her relationship over her family.

And this led to many of the viewers calling Thando stupid as well, just like her husband. Then Siyacela also said that he ran out of love for Thando just because she called him "stupid", which means stupid. Viewers were left in shock and others left laughing that he would say that about his wife.

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