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Visiting A Nigerian's Barber Ended In Tears For A Limpopo Guy

Just when we thought that we have seen it all with the Nigerian nationals living in South Africa and there's nothing more they could do which will be exposed to the public and leave a lot of us as South Africans jaw-dropped, It seems like we underestimated the guys because now an incident has occurred and the story is out trending on social media shocking a lot of people as we speak

Before we can go any further please take a look at the pic attached below to see what the Nigerian man is accused to have done this time around

According to my source:

The guy you see above visited a saloon owned by Nigerians last week Thursday to get his hair done, When he got there he successfully cut his hair and beard trimmed and all that was nice until Friday when they started feeling some ich around the places where he has been cut and dyed and trimmed at, Like everyone else he tried to ignore all that but it got so worse that he ended up having to cut his head some bald to avoid the ich but that did not help that much

So now out of frustration he then went to enquire about all that at the very same salon at Mankweng next to that complex at zone 1, Saddly the confrontation got out of hand he ended up being manhandled and taken out of the saloon. The following day he woke up with the swollen face you see him with 

Check out what many people have said with all this being this way (read the comments in the screenshots attached below)

So now with all this being this way and proof that he could have ended up looking the way he is because of whatever was used when his hair was cut at the barber, What is it that you have to say as an individual right now? Please write us some comments in the comments section below and while you are at that please follow my account for further news and updates 

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