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Rhythm CityETV: The reason Why Pastor Makoro is dating Pearl Genaro

Pastor Makoro came in unexpected on Rhythm city and up until today it hasn’t been clear on what his purposes are when comes to DK township. How he also met Pearl Genaro was some kind of a wakeup call to many viewers.

Now we all know Pearl has never been able to stay long in a relationship , let alone being someone else’s wife . But it looks like things will change now that the handsome pastor is in the  house . Pastor Makoro hasn’t kissed Pearl on her lips , like it’s always baby kiss and Pearl has tried to raise the issue but to him it’s always about God and what he has spoken to God about. I seriously don’t trust this pastor, it looks like there’s a lot we still going to discover , things that will shock everyone.

Ziyanda is someone who has a gift and can sense about anything on people before it can happen or about to happen but she hasn’t sensed anything yet about Pearl and pastors relationship, this could also mean that the pastor is seriously legit .

I do have my doubts though as the other day Pearl had offered herself to the pastor but he refused saying that he is waiting for the right time. I would like to say that he wants money or I sense a snake here or agin he is just going to Pearl because of business decisions or it could be that he is seriously genuine about Pearl. We will have to watch and see.

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