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Dloz'lami: Twins causes stir on social media after Thembi revealed this

Wait, guys. Twin sisters married the same man because they wanted to share everything. Wow. Dloz'lami


Check the short clip below for more details. "According to their DNA, they like the same thing. It is not a matter of sharing for them, it is way deeper than that. Check the short clip below for more details. They just said the guy made a deal with them to help them get famous, but in return, he would marry both of them, and due to poverty at that time and desperation to be famous, they agreed to it all. They also said they wanted to be married to the same men. These girls seem to be unreliable. I don't believe them. I'm just worried about the codependency of these twins. If one dies, the other might commit suicide. They're too attached to each other. He promised them wealth and fame, and they wanted to share everything. They still do. "said a tweet.



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