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Jub Jub is not the man you think he is, see what he did to Amanda Du Pont

Jub Jub is not the man you think he is, see what he did to Amanda Du Pont

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Jub Jub recently had an interview with Mac G and in his interview, he boastfully disclaimed that he sm*shed Amanda Du Pont and that they were in a "relationship" that all roses and fluffy things. Amanda felt that the interview and the way in which he disclosed their relationship was just narcissistic and that he was blatantly lying about what he did to her behind closed doors.

She then took an Instagram video and detailed how Jub Jub physically and sexually abused her in their 2 year relationship. How she stayed in the relationship after he abused her from the first night he forced himself on her is his ability to psychologically convince her that there was no way out of the relationship and through the use of muthi. Throughout the video, she broke down and said of how she was let down by the justice system when the police lady she tried opening a case with sent her home under the claims that women always fix things with their abusers; meaning that opening cases is just a waste of state funds.

The fact that Jub Jub once abused Kelly Khumalo beyond recognition means that the allegations are not far fetched and that it is highly possible that he did what he is accused of. Amanda was more hurt by the fact that she was silent about her abuse when she is so passionate about GBV and trying to give healing to other women when she herself still has unhealed wounds from Jub Jub who then poses as South Africa's highest bar of manhood.

Jub Jub needs to account for his actions. As much as some people are saying that there's no way their relationship could have been abusive throughout the two years, I feel that South African men still do not understand what rape is and find it easy to deny any allegations against one of them.

A lot of people were quick to devote their support to Amanda but others scraped the allegations and assumed that Amanda is exaggerating her experience.


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