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' Groove turned into Comedy, See what this lady was spotted wearing that caught people's attention'

A lot happens in the clubs where people have funny, drinking alcohol and catching up.

Breaking-Report 14:23

However in this article, we share a photo of a lady who turned into a laughing stock after this was spotted.

This lady was fully out just like other people who go out to groove. However, the problem was what she was wearing. The top and denim was not wrong but the shoes that she was wearing is what caused a lot of people to laugh at her.

This lady was spotted wearing a soccer boots that left people asking why was she wearing that because she came to party and not to play soccer. The worst part is, she never looked like a soccer player at all. Other assumed that she was dating a soccer player and she wanted to prove it to people who didn't believe her.

@Zungu: Too much rain & it's muddy. The studs will help her hold onto the ground when she's wasted.


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