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Divorce Affair

She stole her best friends hubby after the trio went on holiday together

Have you and your partner ever though of going on holiday with a family friend.

Well, that is exactly what a couple thought of doing and it ended in tears.

Albert Mhondoro and his wife Marvelous Marufu decided to take their friend Ratidzo Mawire to Kariba for a weekend getaway. They could not allow Ratidzo to sob her loneliness throught the festive season.

Kariba is one of Zimbabwe's well famed tourist attraction.

Taking Ratidzo with them proved to be a very huge mistake. That is because Ratidzo's beauty proved to be too hot to ignore for Albert.

The two started having an affair right under Marvelous' nose. As if that was not enough, Albert used Marvelous' savings to pay lobola for his new girlfriend.

All the drama unfolded when Marvelous was alerted that Albert was paying lobola for their family friend. She stormed at the lobola negotiation function and all hell broke loose. 

Fists flew as the drama unfolded right in front of Albert's new in-laws.

“This man is still my husband. We have three kids together. This is my husband who is paying lobola with my money for this Judas woman," she screamed at the function. 

The already embarrassed Albert told his new in-laws to postpone the lobola negotiations so that he could customarily divorce Marvelous.


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