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Linky v Bujy Bikwa. Who was wrong? link to the voice recording below.

In a voice recording that has been wildly shared on social media, Boity and Bujy are heard arguing, insulting each other, throwing shades at careers and beliefs and literally almost everything. In the background you can also hear the voices of a few other women possible the ones who recorded the whole saga.

Bujy released a statement saying it pains him how everyone is taking Boity’s side already without hearing his side of the story. He says people have failed to apply the Audi Altarem Partem Rule which is Latin for hear both sides of the story.

We do not know how the altercation started, we might never know as well because whether we like it or not the truth will be known by the two and those who were available on the day.

Both Bujy and Boity definitely need new friends. I’m not a person who enjoys going out. I’m a loner of some sort but whenever I do go out , I wanna be in the company of people who have my best interest at heart. Should a fight erupt I expect them to take me away from that situation, calm us down and especially when I’m arguing with a member of my inner circle.

These so called friends all they could do was sit there, record and kept on saying “No No No No.” They watched everything and from my own opinion I would say they were enjoying this sin. Probably they didn’t think Bujy will go as far as hitting Boity with the bottle or it’s exactly what they wanted.

If your friends are exactly like Boity and Bujy’s friends you definitely need new ones. Real Friends should have been able to calm the situation. No one should have gotten hurt and Bujy would still be criminal record free. In a country with such a high Gender Based Violence record these friends should have sensed danger from a distance.

Some would argue that maybe they tried and failed and some will say Boity and Bujy are responsible for their actions but the honest truth will forever be the fact that those ladies who are heard saying “No No could have done better.

I’m now left with no choice but believe that the famous rapper Drake was telling the truth in his hit song “No Friends In The Industry.”

You can find the voice recording under this tweet:

Content created and supplied by: Mkhondlo (via Opera News )

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