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It Ended In Tears For Jub-Jub He is Suspended

Moja Love has released a statement regarding Jub- Jub he is suspended with immediate effect from the production it was stated that they don't condone any sort of gender-based violence.


It seems like it was a bad move for the singer/ musician to have an interview with Mac in the very first place Moja's love was not any part of the interview. 

I don't see him surviving this time around a lot of women are stepping forward to share their experiences with the rapper. After coming out of prison be did try to change his life but at this rate, I wouldn't be surprised to see him wearing orange again.

The fact that Jub Jub triggered Amanda, who was doing nothing but enjoying her happy life, makes this even more disgusting. He forced her to come out and speak out against him.

The way he arrogantly said "I smashed her" was extremely disturbing and disgusting. Like he was talking about some object. No self-respecting man can talk about any woman like that, let alone a woman he claimed to have loved glad Amanda got out of that.

The way South Africans are victimizing Amanda for coming out about Jub Jub is the reason why South African Women, are hesitant about coming out about being raped and abused in South Africa because of fear of being ridiculed and called attention Seekers and laughed at.

The number of people who don’t believe Amanda is heartbreaking. But even more infuriating are the people more concerned about her mentioning Mac G than her speaking out about the abuse she experienced at Jub Jub’s hands. Get it together South Africa! Not with stats like ours.

 If you watch Amanda’s video in its entirety, you may pick up just how often she speaks about her name being tarnished by Jub Jub on that podcast. It’s harrowing that people can be put through what she was, and then still be the ones to suffer reputational damage.


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