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MELANIN: I hope this will be my last short left on the month

Melanin loves being away from home a lot, and she is aware of it. She is hoping that she will not have another destination until the last day of the month. She was not sure if she could wait to have another one next month because of how she loves frequent time away from home.


Going out for a good time and having wonderful meals is what she loves, and when other people are back to work, she has more time to take as many vacations or just go out for a beautiful day. It comes from what you have on your schedule.


Working in an industry that requires more time, you will be unable to have more days to plan for a beautiful encounter in another provinces. She is more into where tranquility resides, and that is why she loves places that are less crowded at most times. Her description of her personality tells more about her.


1. Kim, Laura: That food looks delicious.

2. Melanin: They are mouthwatering and I always keep on going back.

3. Jasentar: Melanin, you still owe me and great that you are having fun.


Surely by now, the staff members of the place know her and are predictive of what she wants to order when she is back. She is loyal and loves the experience of the food, which is the main reason she keeps going back regularly.


When you love a place like Melanin, you will surely want to go back, and it shows that you are having a good time. You have chosen what you really love, and it does not come from any influence from other people at all times. If it would not be nice, if she could not go back again more often or at all.


If you love a place, don't look back and consider what other people will say about your lifestyle. If it is good for you, keep it the way you love it and you will continue to enjoy your lifestyle like Melanin.

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