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“Uncle Waffles, You Are Drake’s African Fantasy”: Slik Talk hits out at the young DJ

Source: zalebs

Uncle Waffles has risen faster than almost any person else in Mzansi's entertainment industry, but it's still surprising when she's already been on Drake's radar. But the haters, especially Slik Talk, remained unmoved.

The particular young DJ was delighted recently after global superstar Drake shared her movie and tagged her on his Instagram Stories. She's smiling as the move is naturally seen as a jerk to her talent and rising celebrity, and her fans have been full about this for hours.

But Mzansi's best-known professional hater, Slik Talk, was less than impressed. He often shares his shy opinions online.

"So I just found out that Drake posted about Uncle Waffle on his Instagram tale and Uncle Waffle was here partying like she won the damn School Award. Shh, Uncle Waffle. Drake published you on his Instagram story. This didn't impress me at all, inch he said.

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He went on to tell Uncle Waffles that the artist followed a lot of ladies on Instagram and she was nothing more than his African fantasy.

"Drake tried to smash; which it, " he continued. He also said he believed her new EP, Red Dragon, also it was substandard.

This individual does admit that she can dancing and is a great performer, but is mediocre and sub-par as a DJ, and states she's lying when Drake calls her a high DJ.

The particular DJ's star is rising faster than ever, so it's no surprise that she's attracted equal parts love and hate. But first, we have to admit that Drake was your one who made her shine, at first. If he hadn't shared a movie of her a few months back, it's anyone's guess if she'd have been blown up like she do.

Slick wasn't the only one who wasn't thinking about her. Week after 7 days, she's been getting some vicious pull on social media. But she did not let anything happen to her. The girl continues to stick with her team and the ones who support her.

In an interview with Complex UK, she undertaken hate in the most classic way possible.

"... when they become negative by claiming things like you don't need to are worthy of to be successful or that if you're not good enough - that's a reflection of them, not you, inch she offered.

However, one thing is clear. The only method is Uncle Waffle, and we were so happy to see it.

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