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Is Brutus dead? Watch as Mlungisi stabs Brutus ‘ Themba Ndaba’ in the heart on The Queen

Brutus is deceased. On The Queen, observe as Mlungisi stabs Brutus "Themba Ndaba" in the heart.

Without a doubt, Uncle Brutus is to blame for The Queen's large fan base. The Queen viewers threatened to quit watching the drama when there was a rumor that he would be expelled from the program owing to claims of sexual harassment, which is a testament to his acting abilities. Themba Ndaba, also known as Uncle Brutus, has a wonderful way of keeping Mzansi captivated by their screens because of his incredible acting abilities. But in the most recent episode of The Queen, his son Mlungisi fatally stabbed him.

The main conflict in the Queen plot has been between the two irascible characters, Brutus and Mlungisi. Due to disagreements over money and respect, Brutus and Mlungisi have been engaged in endless conflicts. Mlungisi claimed that his father had treated him crudely and with insufficient respect, treating him like a young child. His impression is that his father favors his brothers Bhambatha, Cebo, and Nkosiyabo more than he does.

Brutus "Themba Ndaba" gets stabbed in the heart by The Queen by Mlungisi.

Mlungisi made the decision to leave the house as their conflict grew more intense and intolerable so he might find tranquility elsewhere. Without realizing it, his three brothers stopped him, adding to Mlungisi's rage.

The Khoza family enjoyed dinner as usual after Mlungisi was prevented from leaving the family home, but then something unexpected occurred. Mlungisi was seated next to Brutus. Little did he know that he was having his last meal while they spoke and enjoyed their dinner.

While the family was eating, Brutus cracked a joke that amused everyone but Mlungisi. As the group continued to laugh at Brutus' joke, Mlungisi grabbed a knife off the table and murdered his father.

The entire family was shocked by the scene and couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Majali, Brutus' wife, was the only person with the guts to support him. She was sobbing and making an effort to keep her husband from entering the afterlife.

Viewers of The Queen were astounded by this episode since they didn't think Mlungisi would pull off such a scene. But the issue still stands: Is Uncle Brutus dead? Will Mlungisi inform the police if he is dead? The Khoza family is known for sticking together through thick and thin. Will the family pardon Mlungisi for this heinous deed? The Queen is a telenovela that airs on Mzansi Magic every weekday at 2100 hours. Let's learn more about it.


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