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Surprising: See 12 photos of Sasha Obama that shows she's all grown up beautifully.

You can't escape media attention when you're the daughter of one of the world's most influential men. As paparazzi scramble for a photo, almost every moment is caught by the camera. Sasha and other public figures should believe their privacy is being violated, but they must note that they are role models. Many people look up to them for a variety of reasons, like fashion and hangout spots. Sasha Obama is no exception to this way of life, which can be as boring as it is fascinating. She was about seven years old when we saw her for the first time. Barrack Obama had successfully run for President of the United States, bringing him and his family worldwide fame, It's been a decade since that moment, and Sasha has blossomed into a beautiful teen. 

Sasha Obama

Image: @ Obama.malia

Sasha establishes herself as a multi-talented person. Since she is the daughter of a former president of the United States of America, she is a strong adolescent. Second, because of her large social media following, Miss Obama is an influencer. She has also grown into a responsible adult, and gossip magazines continue to write about her. Latest images of Sasha Obama have been circulating on social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as in the mass media. She has to live a regular life in the midst of all this publicity, like attending prom night. This article contains 12 pictures of Sasha Obama that demonstrate how mature she has become.

1. Catching up with big sister?

As a result of their political endeavors, the Obama family has undergone many changes in the last ten years or so. Malia Obama used to be a lot taller than her younger sister Sasha Obama. Mr. Obama was making headlines at the time as the first black American to reach the highest office in American politics. Now that I look at both of them, the difference is minor. She has matured. It's easy to mistake them for twins. This is direct proof of Sasha's rapid maturation over the last ten years.

2. Rocking to the prom

One of Sasha Obama's prom pictures. Her appearance was flawless, and she must have been the talk of the night. She also had a date to the dance with a good looking man. They both did an outstanding job and deserved to be named the best couple of the night.

3. Hair goals

Sasha Obama


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to focus on Miss Obama's hairstyle. Many girls around the world have copied the way she braided her hair on this occasion. Her hairdo goes well with the dress she's wearing, demonstrating that she knows how to put together outfits.

4. More candles on the birthday cake for the young Obama daughter

Sasha Obama


This photograph was taken when she was seventeen years old. Many people were astonished at how much the little girl had grown. In reality, she appears to be taller than her mother, Michelle Obama, in this photograph. She seems to be able to face the world on her own now that she is no longer under her parents' protection. She's excited about her eighteenth birthday, and she won't be a kid for much longer.

5. Mother-daughter bonding time

An apple does not fall far from the tree, as the saying goes. This photo shows that Michelle Obama and her daughters have a striking resemblance. Sasha is dressed in a white gown for the occasion and looks stunning. She is not the same girl that the public was used to seeing ten years ago. She is now fully grown and will be wearing the same size clothing as her mother in a few years.

6. A serious look, huh!

You're probably used to seeing Sasha's face lit up with a smile. 'What was she thinking?' is the only question that comes to mind when looking at this photo. Is she depressed? Maybe it's serious? Or are you enraged by something? Her eyes have a beautiful purity about them at the same time. However, given how mature she is, she clearly has the courage to face any obstacle that comes her way.

7. Sasha alongside Mr Barrack

Sasha Obama


The former president is, without a doubt, a tall man. Sasha's presence at his side demonstrates how much she has grown. She was a little girl just a few days ago, and the president squeezed her hand as if to save her from being lost in the crowd. Now that she is an adult, Mr Barrack doesn't mind taking a quick glance to the left. Just a sweet image of a father and daughter enjoying each other's company.

8. Malia better watch out

Sasha Obama


With their dresses, Malia and her sister know how to steal the stage. Given the tools at their disposal, this does not come as a surprise. Sasha is holding an umbrella in this photo, as if to thank Malia for looking after her when she was younger.

9. It is a bold statement from the Obamas

Sasha Obama


If you questioned the Obamas' sense of style, this photo would persuade you otherwise. We are accustomed to seeing them dressed professionally, but on this occasion, they opted for a more relaxed look. Even Barrack was dressed in slacks. Sasha is standing next to her father, looking fantastic and ready for the outdoors.

10. Mother and daughters

Do they ever get tired of being around each other? The benefit of having family is that they will still be concerned and available when you need them. This image is a straightforward contest. It is difficult to determine who wore the best smile. Or whose hairstyle stands out the most. It's a competition in which everybody manages to come out on top. 

11. Is that you, Sasha? 

This photograph contains some serious photography, but what do we expect from Sasha? All, including her hair, glasses, cap, and necklace, is perfectly coordinated. It's unclear if she posed for the photo or it was taken at random. If she did, it's a beautiful pose.

12. Daddy's little girl 

The gray hair on her father's head is a reference to the passage of time since Obama's public debut. Sasha was only a small child when her father's hair was completely black. She has matured into a stunning young woman. 

It's as if she's matured in front of the camera for everyone to see. Photos of Sasha Obama can be found all over the internet. This makes it simple to see how the teen has progressed since she was a child. She will soon finish her studies and be able to move on to the next stage of her life. According to her photographs, she has the potential to succeed in almost every field, including law and even modeling. Whatever her ambition, she is wished to pursue is the very best.

Source: Tuko

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