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Julius Malema says he does not attend a funeral of a person who killed themselves, listen here

Julius Malema is known for being outspoken and for never mincing his words when he wants to send a message.

People have been saying, his party is known for protests, matches and being loud while other people are putting their words into action.

With that being said Julius Malema has spoken on suicide issue and how he feels about it. Ricky Rick has left many people heart broken when he took hi life earlier this year after battling with depression.

A lot of people had their share of opinions on what happened and they were suggesting that, people should talk about how they feel instead of leaving people behind with a lot of questions.

Julius Malema made it clear that he does not attend funerals of people who took their own lives and also spoke about Ricky Rick. He said Ricky Rick incident somehow giving the children an impression of killing themselves instead of talking about their issue's.

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Julius Malema


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