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Divorce Affair

Katlego Maboe on Journey Back to Happiness.

Katlego Maboe Biography, Age, Wife, Career & Net WorthI think we all know what happened to Katlego's reputation back in 2020 where he was caught cheating by his wife who is now his ex wife. The former Expresso was show in a video arguing with his wife about the cheating matter and how he got her sick.

Former Espresso host Katlego Maboe, in one of the few Instagram posts he's shared this year, talked about living a happy life his happiness. Taking to Instagram with a thought-provoking post, Katlego said it took longer than he thought to recall feeling cheerful and being able to laugh and be happy. 

“It took me a while, much longer than I would have liked or expected of myself, to get to this point. Where I can laugh heartily again, smell good again and laugh from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful to be here – right now,” he shared. 

Katlego Maboe's 'friend' tweets tell-all thread about his relationship,  STIs and more — The CitizenKatlego explains that his thoughts were inspired by a recent hike up the mountain, where he and his friends met a group of energetic older women that lifted his spirits . 

“During our hike this morning, we encountered a group of elderly women taking the same route up the mountain. As they laughed and laughed together, I allowed myself to be completely immersed in their energy and embraced each of them, I felt like a mother's silhouette had touched my life, overflowing with 'love'. love. love, warmth and compassion. This is a group of friends, the oldest of them 63 years old, who have supported each other throughout their lives, the kind of “ride or die” crew that this person loves for them. The other is like a tactile tapestry through time. It is energy, poetry and music with their own rhythm. I am humbled to be able to discover such a small part of their world, certainly an ideal to be achieved. 

“My wish for you is that you find this tribe and cherish it every day of your life. Let them know how much they mean to you and love them unlimitedly,” he wrote. 

Pictures: Katlego Maboe's ex-wife Monique Muller shows off new boyfriend,  accused of cheating as old pictures emergeThings haven't been the same for Katlego since her private relationship issues were brought to the press in 2020. Katlego's life was turned upside down last year when the character passed found herself at the centre of a cheating scandal. A viral video lifted the curtain on Katlego and Monique's relationship as Katlego admitted to cheating on her son's mother, allegedly with Nikita Murray. 

Katlego Maboe's friend's serious claims: "She threatened him, he was the  victim"Since then, Katlego has lost most of her performances and became a social media rarity, while discussing legislation regarding her son's education and his son's alleged domestic abuse. Miss. Monique rambled. Recently, Volo Ganca, a close friend of Katlego, suggested that the former owner of Espresso was a "victim" of the legal troubles he was facing. 

After hearing about the matter, however, Monique's close friend Caldine Wyngaard could not tolerate what she described to TshisaLIVE as "flagrant slander" against Monique as their court date. come close. Monique declined to comment on the claims. Katlego and her legal team reserved their comments, saying, “My client will no longer post comments and/or statements about the matter under discussion. "

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