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Meet a woman that lived with Tupac Shakur for 4 months before he got killed & her father was his foe

In a 1993 interview with Source Magazine, Tupac slammed Quincy Jones and said he was a sellout. He alleged that the music legend had only ever had intercourse with white women, and that the unions that resulted in his children's mental health issues were the result of this. Thriller was created by Quincy Jones, the guy who made Michael Jackson famous. His work was limited to solely white individuals.

Rashida and Kidada Jones, the children of Tupac Shakur, were deeply hurt by Tupac's relationships with white women, and their father was no exception. Because of the publication of Tupac's story in a magazine, Kidada Jones wrote a letter criticizing her father's writing style. She stood up for her dad.

Pictured here with their father Quincy Jones are sisters Rashida (left) and Kidada (right).

Tupac later apologized to Kidada when the two met in a bar for the first time since their fight. When they first started seeing each other, Quincy Jones was not pleased, and he insulted him. The two were hanging out at Jerry's Deli in L.A. one night when this happened. Two arms were slammed on Tupac's back as they turned to see who had done it. Quincy Jones was the mystery man. They were both surprised to see Tupac and his kid, whom he said was messed up since her mother was white and her father was black, in the same room. We need to sit down and speak," Quincy told the New York Times in an interview. "I would have been killed if he had a gun."

They sat down at a table and Tupac apologized for his actions. Their embrace was complete. As an undergraduate at Harvard, Rashida prepared a paper on Tupac Shakur. Rashida claimed that Tupac was kind enough to talk to her about the film.

Tupac and Quincy Jones grew closer.

The relationship between Tupac and Kidada lasted four months. When Tupac went out with Suge Knight to watch his pal Mike Tyson fight, he left Kidada behind in their hotel room. They should never have gone to Vegas on that night, she insisted. She had a bad feeling about it, and she was right. In Las Vegas, she proposed that Tupac wear a bulletproof vest, but he turned it down because of the heat. He had been shot in the hotel room where they were staying while she was waiting for him to arrive home.

Kidada went to the hospital to visit him, and she was given his bloody garments and told that Tupac had no blood pressure when he entered the hospital. She then walked around the parking lot for nine hours, telling herself over and over again that he couldn't die.

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