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Cassper is the most dragged celebrity because of this

A-"Cassper dropped his hook"

Q-Who wrote verse?

A"I cannot confirm who wrote verse. I dont know becauseĺ I wasnt there".

MacG is an instigator. His podcast mostly just portrays negativity especially when it comes to artists.

1st it was the drip contract now the Siyathandana song, he probably has a beef with Cassper.

Nothing wrong with Boohle being honest but how she said everything is just wow

Cassper wrote the Melody,Boohle wrote the words,it's a collaborative effort guys,music doesn't fall from the sky,ask me I'm a songwriter writing is not always that easy.That song is beautiful,ppl don't listen with understanding everywhere so I'm not surprised with the negativity

Really disappointing. Boohle was doing good before Cassper & she’ll probably go on to still do good but if she got paid, got her credits and grew her audience why burn the bridge? She really messed up here.

doesn't matter if the verse is not his, so long as he pays some percentage to the Original owner of th verse. Most people viewed the song(myself included) because Cassper is in the song, it wouldn't have reached million views so fast without Cassper.

People saying Boohle didn’t say anything wrong, well if someone you take as your partner/ friend/ colleagues allows other people to fluently talk about you like that, I’m sorry I have to cut you off. I mean she was there in the whole process

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