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Isencane Lengane: Mzansi feel pity for Thando as Siyacela finally introduce his 2nd wife

She's at this point been hitched for a significant timeframe, has had her intimate issues inspected and dissected through web-based media and she's only 17. Her story has aggravated up different South Africans who acknowledge she's excessively energetic to conceivably be hitched. They are stressed over her future anyway Thando Msomi of Isencane Lengane recognition says she has a sensible course of action for her future. 

After that scene including Siyacela's grandma, they presumably said they will not be important for the show any longer, ugogo was furious and simply needed to demonstrate her innocence, naye she was blamed for rehearsing black magic. 

Dlamuka is disappointed, You're in a wheelchair requiring the help of others, yet you're as yet discourteous? It truly gets hard when an individual develop old. 

The Dlamuka family is acclaimed by the scene where Siyacela presented his new darling, Manto. The entire family watching that scene was deplorable, Mr Dlamuka even she's a tear subsequent to watching. much obliged couldn't bear seeing the whole scene she was harmed and went out right away. I'm crushed. How might Thando go through such a huge amount at her age. Siyacela is a rude, inconsiderate victimizer with no regret. 

Envision doing this to your dad. A dad who has been doing what he can to accommodate you and your dad. 

Thando is tired she went to visit her mothe and told her all Siyacela's doing. She denounced Manto for beguiling Siyacela, Siyacela no sister he's a con artist. would someone be able to act the hero, numerous ladies stay in view of the circumstances. can we as a whole put our hands and help Thando. envision remaining with some you don't cherish. 

She additionally referenced to her mom that Siyacela Abuse her physicallly. I'm crushed. I don't figure Thando hits him back.I think she just said that since she understood that Siyacela may be in a tough situation in the event that he manhandles her that I hit him back was an after thought.You may discovered Dlamuka family thinks about this yet they are not busy. 

I'm not sure why that man was occupied with yelling at Thando when her dad was showing up , I'm truly searching forward for this one since it truly drives me crazy. 


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