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Having passion for music.

If your goal of succeeding in music is because you want fame and riches, then this article may not be for you.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but many of the best musicians are not on MTV or all radio stations.

Not to say that the dream of succeeding one day is not possible. It is entirely possible. If that's what you want, I hope you get it and be happy doing it. There is a chance that some musicians will reach the level of fame and wealth, but that shouldn't be your overall goal of making music.

Sure, there is money to be made in music, but your goal as a musician shouldn't be for the money. The reason you should make music is because it is your passion in life. This is what you love to do.

This is why you learn to play the guitar, the piano, the violin or whatever your medium. That's why you rehearse until the wee hours of the morning and why your goal is to make those lyrics fit the melody in your head. It is a search. It is like a puzzle to be solved.

Who knows why that love of music is there, but it is. It is one of the easiest mysteries to solve in life. You don't know why you love it, but you do and you will continue to do it because it makes you happy. It is your inspiration. Its allows you to continue. It's your obsession and you love it.

Money or no money, you like it. I've heard of artists who say that if they don't make it by a certain age, they will stop making music. They gave it their all and tried it and it didn't work, so he went on the next adventure. It's a shame to hear artists say that. They see music as a business and sometimes as a business, if your losses are greater than your profits then you leave the business and start a new one.

Remember this line and remember it well. Money is never your purpose. Your passion is your purpose and money is the direct result of following your passion. If you're just starting out, don't focus on money right now.

Concentrate on your craft. Focus on who you are and why you love doing this. Feel the sensation of going on stage. Your heart races before you look at a sea (or a pond) of people staring at you. It is the most terrifying and exhilarating sense of accomplishment you can ever feel.

It is a drug and it can be addictive if you like to do it. There are so many joys that you can get from music that any negatives can be put aside. Don't get me wrong, there are negatives, but doesn't being involved in music make taking the negatives much easier?

Love the music first. All the positive feelings that music gives you make all of your hardships much easier to bear. If you really love music and work for hours and hours at it, pour your blood and tears into it, then how are you going to stop because you haven't made any money?

It is not a question of money. Is money important? Yes. Is that the reason you should make music? No. Have you ever heard that phrase ... "Paying your debts". Paying their fees is what 99.9% of musicians who make a living from music have done.

There is always that small percentage of people who are discovered at a McDonalds and soar to stardom. It could be you? Sure, but don't bet the farm on that happening. "

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