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Uthando Nesthembu: Mangwabe exposes Musa Mseleku even more

The way that Musa Mseleku is so happy, one would swear that his fourth wife Mangwabe is pregnant because that is the thing he needed the most from her, babies.

It turns out that Musa is very happy because Mangwabe passed her exams and she has now officially completed her studies. Apparently, Musa would deny his wife the opportunities to study. Mangwabe says that she was so surprised to see her husband Musa so happy for her.

"It was so hard for me to study, I pushed myself. He would not allow me to go to study groups with other students. He would not allow me to get to class when we had family gatherings, so, the way he is so happy is surprising me", said Mangwabe.

Mangwabe says that what may have made Musa a bit bitter and not allow her to study is because all he had in his mind were babies, and she was busy focusing on her studies. This is quite an unusual thing to some, but it seems like it is what Musa Mseleku wanted, and her wife focusing on studying could have been something that stopped him from giving him the time for babies.

In my opinion, I do not know if this is a normal thing for women in polygamous marriages, but I am pretty sure that it is hard t be told to put your studies on hold and make babies. Do you think that you would agree to put your studies on hold to make babies? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Mangwabe Musa Mseleku Uthando Nesthembu


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